2019 Dynamic Billard Best of the East

Report of the 2019 Dynamic Billard Best of the East

The 17th season of the cycle Dynamic Billiard Best of the East was better the 2010-2018. We had more players and more promotion in media. A total of 290 pool players from 17 countries played. Our events took place in the following countries:

Serbia – Novi Sad – 57 competitors , winner – George Georgiev (BUL),
Romania 9-Ball – Bucharest – 36 competitors, the winner – Karol Skowerski (POL);
Polish 9-Ball – Kielce – 138 competitors, the winner – Vitaliy Patsura (UKR);
Slovakia 9-Ball – Bratislava – 80 competitors , the winner – Karol Skowerski (POL);
Bulgaria 9-Ball – Petrich – 77 competitors, the winner – George Georgiev (BUL),
The biggest group of players were from: Poland – 93, Slovakia – 35; Czech Rep. – 26; Bulgaria – 25, Romania – 25, Albania – 19, Serbia – 14; Ukraine – 12 and Belarus -9. The rest of the players came from North Macedonia, Kosovo, Hungary, Finland, USA, India and Spain.
Statistic DBBoE:
2010 – 259 participants, 2011 – 185; 2012 – 258;2013 – 241;
2014 – 254; 2016 – 253; 2017 – 272; 2018 – 270; 2019 – 290

The best player of the season is Karol Skowerski (PL) – 385 pts, the second is Michal Turkowski (PL) – 310 pts, the third is Sebastian Batkowski – 300 pts, the fourth is Mariusz Skoneczny (POL) – 300 pts and the fifth is Petr Urban (CZE) – 295 pts.
According our rules three players ( but minimum from 2 countries) qualified to the Afri-East Euro Cup 2020. EEBC has one wild card.
– An important fact is the big group of players from Albania, Ukraine and Czech Rep. where we didn’t organize events in 2019. In this case the cooperation between EEBC, national federations and billiard clubs was essential.
– After 4 years break we returned to Serbia,
– Every year better works the EEBC Balkan Billiard Centre in Petrich (BUL). Effect – we had players from Greece and Kosovo,
– A group of players from Ukraine, Belarus and Albania played in tournaments thanks to the financial support from the International Billiard Academy Fund. The EEBC covered the part of costs of: travel, accommodation and entry fee.
– Billiard organizations from 10 countries are very active.
– TV cameras recorded the games in Serbia ( 3 hours in Sport Klub TV) Poland ( 6 hours in Sport Klub TV+ 3 news in Polish national TVP; Slovakia ( News in TV Bratislava). Also the live scoring was provided.
– Conflicts inside Romania reduced the amount of participants from this country. It is not problem for Dynamic Best only. First time in the history the organizer of the Black Sea Cup had 24 participants from 2 countries only ( Romania, Bulgaria)!!!
– We didn’t have Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian athletes. Cost of participation for them is too expensive ( flights). We work for the case.
– Federations which don’t have financial support from the goverments ( Hungary, North Macedonia or Serbia) showed very little activity.
Service for our events made referees from: Romania ( head referee of all tournaments- Aleksandru Balas), Poland and Slovakia
Many thanks for a good cooperation to: Samuel Koniar ( president of Slovakia Billiard Association), Grzegorz Kedzierski (president of Polish Billiard Association), Velibor Vlasović ( owner of Billiard Club in Novi Sad); George Bozhkov ( president of Balkan Billiard Centre in Petrich); TVSports.pl crew, Mayor of Kielce City, Marshal of Swietokrzyskie Province and Kielce Billiard Centre.
For many years the strategic sponsors of the cycle are: Dynamic Billard Organization from Germany, Iwan Simonis from Belgium and Saluc (Aramith) from Belgium. Predator and Cuetec also supported us. We would like to thank them for their support.
The cycle was led by Mak Marketing – Marcin Krzeminski and East European Billiard Council.